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Get un-bored with the library!

Listen to free music!

Use Freegal to download and listen to free music. Freegal allows downloads for 3 songs per week from a variety of artists and genres from the Sony catalogue, which includes many of today's most popular musicians. Naxos Music Library allows library card holders to listen to Classical music, Jazz, World, Folk and Chinese music. In addition to the over 130,000 tracks, you can also read notes on the music and biographical information about the composers or artists.

Hang out at a teen library event!

We tackle everything from art, to movies, to writing and everything in between at our Teen Programs. There really is something for everyone! Check out the Teen Events Calendar for more details.

Have a suggestion for a program? Send it to

Explore our online collections!

Did you forget about your essay until the night before and the library is closed? The eLibrary is never closed and it might just save the day! The Teen eLibrary can help you find your next book to read, allows you to download and listen to music, explores career and apprenticeship options, provides a large selection of craft instructions (complete with pictures), as well as including academic sources, newspaper and magazine databases, eBooks, eAudiobooks, language instruction, and more!

Check out GPL's Xbox 360 Kinect Games!

The GPL also has Xbox 360 Kinect available for ages 11-19 years at the Main Library. There are 6 in-house games to choose from, visit us today and check out the selection!

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